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Wrongful Convictions and the Utilization Eyewitness Accounts

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Since judicial system is under human beings, is therefore bound to make errors and such mistakes result into situations in which a guiltless, innocent, and blameless person is found blameworthy and guilty, this kind of a scenario is referred to as a miscarriage of integrity, justice, and fairness. Miscarriage therefore, means the malfunction of a legal system or Court in justice administration, particularly when a guiltless person is found guilty in an offense. If person is convicted wrongfully, such a person is being penalized, punished, or castigated for a crime he or she is not guilty of, at a time when the genuine architect or perpetrator of an offense goes without any judicial punishment. Additionally, public self-assurance in the judicial system declines as innocent people are identified to be convicted wrongful by the Courts. There are a number of issues which cause a justice miscarriage like non-confession of proof by prosecution or police, confirmation prejudice on the investigators’ part, invention, and falsehood of proof, poor eyewitness (identification), and untrustworthy admission due to psychological instability or police pressure. These issues are entirely termed undeserved because they go against the cardinal principles of justice.

The ethical issues in criminal investigation

There are a number of factors or issues which spear head the miscarriage of justice, resulting into conviction of blameless individuals for the offenses they did not even attempt to commit. In cases where blamelessness, innocence, or virtuousness investigations have resulted in pardons, the following have been identified as the main ethical issues in criminal investigation as applied to wrongful conviction:Mistaken detection, identification or recognition by the eyewitnesses, police transgression, serological errors ( such as ABO blood grouping and blood protein typing), comparison errors of forensic hair, poor lawyering, unreliable admissions, purposeful false witness proof, purposeful false snitching by informers, other errors resulting from forensic science, and mistakes emanating from DNA testing (Scheck et al., 2001).

Eyewitness Account

The law compiled statistics indicates that erroneous eyewitness recognition or identification is the main prevalent source of miscarriage of justice in our judicial system today. In the United States for instance, of the initial 130 DNA pardons of death line prisoners, 101 of the really guiltless had been criminalized on unfair eyewitness identification (Borchard, 1932).Whereas, the precision of eyewitness method of identifying the guilty amongst the innocent is extensively debated, the community, public, and civic still have trust in eyewitness evidence as the most dependable and reliable piece of information. Judges frequently commiserate with victims of vicious offenses and automatically presuppose their eyewitness recognitions are accurate (Scheck et al., 2001). Law enforcers time and again get ‘tunnel vision’ centering every part of their labors

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