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You Want To Lose Weight – Beware of Scams and False Promises

What is going on? I don’t know if you have noticed but there are many overweight persons around the world, and this is becoming a bigger and bigger concern, pardon the pun. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening, and I believe technology is one of them. We have so many machines and devices in our homes that perform things for us, just to make room for other things. People don’t have to be as active as they used to be, and I know there are days when I don’t get the exercise that I am suppose to get. The difficulty for those who want to lose weight is being aware of who you should trust and what you should do.

For the most part, there are thousands and thousands of products out there that are aimed at those who want to lose weight. Of course, a lot of these products and services can pretend they can help you, but that has not been proven. Even thought this does not seem to stop people from buying those products, but it sure bothers me. These products can also be quite costly, but those who really want to lose weight will give large sums of their hard earned money to try the products, only to be disillusioned. Some people will never learn.

There is little to no regulation in the diet industry. Companies repackage the same old things that were not successful in the past, put new package colors on the box, advertise them different ways, and then forward them out to shops with new promises. Most of these promises are phony. If you were to go into the house of any person who has tried to lose weight you will most likely find lots of opened but barely-used diet products in their cupboards. These companies target people who want to be healthier and make a lot of money doing so, yet no one seems to be losing anything but their cash.

You can try supplements to control your appetite or to give you energy, but they aren’t going to do anything unless you get moving. Yes, more than ever, the good old advice is still true today. Cutting calories is good, but it will only get you to a certain point. You need to be in motion, and you have to try to do it daily or at least on a regular basis. Your family members can be involved if you don’t want to do it by yourself. Take the dog for a walk! If you want to lose weight and want to involve your kids, make sure you put a different spin on it. Talk about health and longevity, not about sizes and numbers on the scale. Put some fun into it. Make it something you all do together to have a better life without fixating on body size. Call it quality time. Everyone in the family will benefit from it for different reasons. Let’s get moving!

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– Deleted Scene, Season 4

Question by truth: What pardons is Bush likely to pass in the next few weeks?
Ive read that presidents pass there pardons in the last weeks of their presidency. Obviously there must be a long list of jail-birds resulting from the almost appalling disregard for the law that the Bush Administration has championed for the last eight years.
So the question is…who will be on that list and why?

Best answer:

Answer by Al Gore is a Fraud
He already pardoned himself.

EDIT: Look-a-here, two ignorant Neocons gave me thumbs down. Well, tell you what, Bush has already pardoned himself for potential War Crimes a while back.

What do you think? Answer below!
President Obama pardons Minnesota student for missing school
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11 Responses to “You Want To Lose Weight – Beware of Scams and False Promises”

  • tinthepark91:

    how musch i love henry’s voice here

  • chykim1:

    hey! i dont appreciate sexy maxxy scenes being deleted!!

  • bebi6107:

    Thank you for this!! 🙂

  • maxbrowndailyatlj:

    No unfortunately there isn’t. A shame. 🙁 

  • commissionaires1:

    Hi Eddy,

    Thank you for expressing interest in working with Commissionaires. In terms of salary, rates range from city-to-city and vary depending on the position. The best thing to do is to visit our website’s list of Available Positions, or visit one of our recruiting offices (also available on our website). I hope this answers your question.

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  • deanomac24:

    for this company it depends on the site but they start at 11.50 which is a bs wage to pay anyone no wonder they are a old boys club. pfft get real.

  • Eddy8777:

    What is the salary in Canada for security guard position At comm?

  • Max50:

    None Bush is not a Bill Clinton

  • grump56:

    Enron executives

  • Information Police:

    Full pardon for Scooter Libby.

    Pardon for Ted Stevens

  • guitarman:

    He’s gonna pardon all of his Wall Street corporate crook cronies who are in prison. Oh yeah, I forgot, hardly any corporate crooks went to prison in the past 8 years. The ones who did got about a 30 day sentence.

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