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Yucca Valley Business Lawyer?s Top Ten Changes Sarah Palin Would Make in the White House

Here is Yucca Valley Business Lawyer Sebastian Gibson’s Top Ten:

1. Put a Neiman Marcus store in place of the bowling alley.


2. Hire a different plumber.


3. Move the white house to Anchorage.


4. Put up moose heads.


5. Equip the secret service with moose hunting guns.


6. Refuse to pardon any more turkeys on the white house lawn.


7. Build more bedrooms for all the kids.


8. Give each of the staff 0,000 to buy new uniforms.


9. Put up a map that shows where NAFTA is.


10. Make the First Dude in charge of keeping the press away.


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1. Environmental and Toxic Tort Law in Yucca Valley – With multi-billion dollar energy companies spending more money to confuse the public on the threat posed by global warming than on research into alternative forms of energy, it will take all of us to sort fact from fiction and solve the growing problem of global warming. An additional danger to all of us comes from exposure to toxic materials in our daily lives from tainted food, to contaminated ground water, to dangerous viruses in the public and in hospitals to lead and mercury poisoning. If you experience unusual symptoms that a doctor can’t explain, you may have been exposed to a toxic substance and have a toxic tort claim that should be evaluated by us or another qualified Yucca Valley environmental attorney.


2. Yucca Valley International, Shipping and Maritime Law – A Yucca Valley international attorney with years of international legal education and experience such as you’ll find at our Yucca Valley law firm, can provide you with a wealth of practical knowledge and the ability to find answers to your international law questions. It

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